Dreaming Disney-How a College Student Made Their Disney Dream Come True

Working at Walt Disney World is something of a dream for most people. Disney often times brings happiness to people and lets one relive their childhood through their favorite Disney characters.

Peyton Satterfield, senior majoring in public relations, has had the dream of working for Disney for years.  Satterfield has been to Disney World with her family every year since she was five and has loved it every single time. It wasn’t until six years later that she realized she could fulfill her dream and work for Disney. (Pictured: right, Peyton at Disney World).

“Working at Disney has been a dream of mine since I was 11 and realized it was a job I could actually have,” Satterfield said. “I first heard of the Disney College Program in high school. I was a senior and met an alumnus of my high school who was currently a character performer in the Disney College Program.”

Satterfield knew right then that she would apply to the Disney College Program as soon as she could. During her sophomore year of college, Satterfield applied for the program. The application is a three-step process that includes a job application, a web-based interview and finally a phone interview.  Unfortunately, Satterfield wouldn’t get into the program for her sophomore year.

“I made it all the way to phone interview only to be rejected in the end,” Satterfield said. “It was really hard, but one of my favorite Walt Disney quotes is “You may not realize when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”

Satterfield kept her determination of reaching her dream and applied again for the program the next year. This time around she got accepted into the program for the summer after her junior year but had to make a difficult decision.  (Picture, left: Satterfield posing with characters at Disney world).

“I applied to be a Camp War Eagle Counselor at the same time,” Satterfield said. “I ended up getting both and had to make a tremendously difficult decision-Disney or Auburn. In the end, I chose to do  Camp War Eagle and it has made me a better employee, lead me to most of my friends today and overall made me a more patient and compassionate person.”

Satterfield enjoyed her time as a Camp War Eagle Counselor and kept her dream of her working in the Disney College Program in her mind. She applied to the program for the third time. This time making it her post-graduation plans.

“I was in class when I saw the email that I had been accepted and I almost cried,” Satterfield said. “It was an overwhelming sense of things truly falling together. Let’s just say the timing could not be more perfect.”

Accomplishing a dream can take hard work and sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Just because you don’t accomplish the dream at the time you think you should don’t mean it won’t be a reality.

“If you’re even considering the program, do it,” Satterfield said. It will only be a dream as long as you just keep dreaming it. Only you have the ability to make it into a reality. Why wouldn’t you.”

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Shop Local

When looking to buy new clothes, shoes or find that perfect gift for someone, it’s tempting to go to the big-name retailers.  You’ve probably shopped at their stores all your life and are familiar and confident in their products.  However, shopping the big-names isn’t always best for your local community and economy.

There are many reasons to shop locally. Whether it’s a restaurant, boutique, or other shopping places, shopping locally has many benefits. One of those reasons is the positive impact that it has on your local economy.

Support the local economy

When a customer decides to shop locally and not a chain store, more than half of each dollar spent at the local store goes towards the community. This a huge difference than the roughly one-third of the dollar that is spent at a chain store.  This alone will help boost your local economy significantly.  Also, local stores create jobs for people. (Pictured: right, clothes from Charming Oaks courtesy of Google Images).

Better Customer Service

If you’ve ever dealt with a large corporation you’re probably familiar with how frustrating it can be to receive help. You call their 1-800 number only to be put on hold for minutes at a time. Even when you finally get to speak to someone, they are so far removed from the situation they are usually not much help.

When you shop local and come across the issue, most of the time you get to speak to the owner or manager of the store right away. There are no hold lines or waiting. Most of the time the owner is directly connected to every employee in the store. This makes for a much more personal experience.

Local businesses know what you want

When you walk into a local business, there’s a good chance they employees and maybe even the owner will know you by name. Local business owners are more aware of what people are buying in the community.  They can recommend items for you on a more personal level because they truly know what you are looking for.

Keeps your community unique

When you have local shops that can only be found in your community, your town becomes more of a destination for people. Customers will have to drive to your town to get the clothing or gift items from that local store. This helps boost tourism which in turn helps the community overall. (Pictured: right, a local store in Auburn courtestyof google images).

Shopping local has many benefits. Auburn has some of the best local boutique and shops. Be sure to check them out next time you go shopping rather than going to the big-name store!


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Take Advantage of the Career Center

Trying to figure how to apply for jobs, dress for an interview or how to format your resume can be an intimidating task. Making a mistake can cost you an interview or even a job offer.

Most college students feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to preparing for their career. Most don’t know where to go to find help or guidance. Luckily, Auburn has their Career Center to help prepare you for your future career!

Auburn’s Career Center offers a wide variety of services to Auburn students.  One of the most helpful services in the resume review. Students can walk into the career center and have their resume reviewed and edited by someone for free. This is helpful for students who are beginning their job search and are unsure of how to format their resume. Students who don’t have time to walk-in can email their resume to the career center for editing. Their resume, along with a video, will be sent back to the student telling them how to format and edit their resume.

The Auburn Career Center holds multiple job fairs throughout the school year. They feature employers from around the country who are looking to hire Auburn students directly. Even if there are no companies you are interested in at the fair, the career fair serves as great practice for future opportunities.

In addition to holding career fairs to help you find an employer, the Auburn Career Center posts jobs and internship postings on Handshake.  Handshake can be found on Au Access under the My Campus tab. Handshake allows you to search for a job or internship with ease by allowing you to narrow it down to industry and location. You can also favorite companies and get alerts when they post an open position.

Handshake also tells you if you qualify for the position. In the corner of the listing, it will say if you meet all, some or none of the employer qualifications. This makes it easier for students who are trying to figure out if they truly qualify for the position.

Finally, the Auburn Career Center now offers a Campus Career Closet for students. The closet offers attire such as blazers, skirts and button-down shirts for free to students. The attire is perfect for interviews, job fairs, and networking.

The Auburn Career Center is a great service that is offered to students. Make sure you take advantage of all the services the center has to offer.

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5 Auburn Restaurants You Must Eat At

You’re walking around downtown Auburn and see all the shops and restaurants that it has to offer.  It’s lunchtime and you could go to a familiar restaurant such a 5 Guys or Jimmy John’s, or you could go to a restaurant that is unique to Auburn.

Auburn has some of the best local restaurants around. They are truly unique to Auburn and are traditions among the students, alumni, and fans.  Here is a list of the 5 of those restaurants you must eat at while attending Auburn or just simply visiting.

Toomer’s Drugs

It simply wouldn’t be Auburn without Toomer’s Drugs. This small restaurant on the corner of Magnolia Avenue and College Street has been an Auburn tradition since 1896.  They’re known for their famous lemonade that is freshly squeezed.  They also serve food and have a wide range of souvenirs to choose from.  Grab a lemonade and head across the street to roll the corner after an Auburn win! (Pictured: Right, Toomer’s Drugs, Courtesy of Google Images).

Momma Goldberg’s Deli

You can miss this Auburn famous restaurant. The original location opened in 1976 on the corner of Donahue Drive and Magnolia Avenue and still operates today.  Their casual menu features soups, sandwiches, wraps, and nachos.

Niffer’s Place

Looking for a good hamburger? Look no further than Niffer’s Place located 5 minutes from downtown Auburn on Opelika Road! This fun restaurant has been an Auburn favorite for 20 years. They’re known for their burgers but also serve a wide variety of menu items. (Pictured: left, a burger at Niffer’s courtesy of Google images).





Momma Mocha’s

Need a caffeine fix? Skip the local Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts and head over to Momma Mocha’s on Gay Street! This hip coffee shop is the perfect place to get coffee and sit back and study or socialize with friends!  The coffee shop also hosts events and live music on certain nights.

Cheeburger Cheeburger

Want a retro burger experience? Cheeburger Cheeburger is the place to go! Located in the heart of downtown Auburn on College Street, this 50’s style restaurant will send you back in time. Enjoy a classic burger or get a shake of any flavor you wish!

The Struggles of Balancing Work and College Life

It’s a Friday night in Auburn. Your friends are all excited about heading downtown to celebrate the end of the week. However, you won’t be joining them for the weekend celebration. Instead, you will spend most of the night at work as well as the rest of the weekend.

When thinking about your future college you think about the socials and fun times you will be spending with your new friends. Unfortunately, that’s not always a reality for some students. Working while in college has become the norm for college students over the last decade. This leaves students with the challenge of finding time for fun and work.

Working while in college has become the norm for college students over the last decade. Students have to work in order to pay bills, tuition and any other costs that come up. This leaves students with the difficult task of having fun while also maintaining a job to survive.

Carson Griffey, a senior majoring in English, is no stranger to finding the balance between work and having a social life. Carson has held multiple jobs since starting college in 2013. Working while taking classes has been a necessity, not an option, for Carson. She has had to work to pay her tuition and bills. (picture: right, courtesy of brightoncollege.edu)

“I have had to work as many as 4-5 jobs during a semester to get by,” Griffey said. “The cost of living and trying to pay tuition can be expensive. Sometimes just one part-time job won’t cut it.”

Carson sacrificed many nights at the bar to work. After work, Carson then goes home to complete any school work she couldn’t finish before work.

“I’ve stayed up to 2 or 3 in the morning to finish assignments after getting out of work,” Griffey said. “I get back up at 6 a.m. to go to work at the daycare followed by class then work. Every day is a new juggling act and I’m just trying not to drop everything.”

It’s not always an endless cycle of work and school. Carson has made sure to make time for social life a couple times a month. The time spent with friends can be a relief from all the stress of work and class.

“It’s important to make time for your friends,” Griffey said. “Life can be exhausting if you don’t.”

Working while in college isn’t always an ideal situation. You may miss out on fun events because you have to work in order to pay bills. It’s important to stay positive and try to find the perfect balance between work and social life.

“It’s not as bad as it seems,”Griffey said. “Save money before college so you can work less hours while in college. Listen to the upperclassmen when they give you advice on trying to balance work and social life. College can positively change you, but only if you let it.”

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Finding an Unexpected Place

You’re walking around Auburn’s campus on your first day of college and are eager to begin your classes you signed up for over the summer.

When coming to college you expect to find your place in the major you planned to study in high school or even beyond. It doesn’t always work out that way, however. The stress of classes and the new freedom can throw you off your intended track and will cause you to have to find an unexpected place.

Laura Lopez, a senior, didn’t always plan to major always plan to major in industrial design. She started Auburn as a pre-architecture student in the fall of 2014 with a plan of being in Auburn’s architecture summer design studio. Excited to begin life at Auburn, she jumped into the pre-requisite classes with confidence.

However, the difficulty of the classes along with working a part-time job made succeeding in the major challenging. When it came time to be selected for the program, she didn’t have the mandatory GPA and was denied entrance. She was left to find a new major and new path.

“My initial thought was to find something similar because I love creating and imagineering,” Lopez said. “The industrial design major was already part of the College of Architecture and Design so my counselor suggested their summer program to me.”

Laura was accepted into the summer studio in the industrial design program and immediately started to succeed. She has always loved to draw and was able to show off her artistic abilities in her new major. She made it through the intense summer program and could start the professional program.

Since beginning the major, Lopez has felt at home and has fallen in love with the major.

“My experience in industrial design has been the best experience I was not expecting,” Lopez said. “This is definitely what I wanted to find at Auburn. In our studio classes, we get to talk one-on-one with the professors which gives us the chance to understand everything perfectly.”

Laura has been actively involved in the major. She has studied abroad in Ireland and Italy. She has also joined the club, Industrial Design Students of America, which has allowed her to make professional connections in the field across the United States.

She recently started an internship at the outdoor furniture company SunVilla in Pensacola, Florida. She got the internship after being referred by one of her professors.

“This internship is a great opportunity,” Lopez said. “I’m gaining so much experience.”

College can be a stressful part of your life. It’s ok if you don’t follow the path you set out for yourself. You may just find the path you are supposed to take just like Laura did.

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