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When looking to buy new clothes, shoes or find that perfect gift for someone, it’s tempting to go to the big-name retailers.  You’ve probably shopped at their stores all your life and are familiar and confident in their products.  However, shopping the big-names isn’t always best for your local community and economy.

There are many reasons to shop locally. Whether it’s a restaurant, boutique, or other shopping places, shopping locally has many benefits. One of those reasons is the positive impact that it has on your local economy.

Support the local economy

When a customer decides to shop locally and not a chain store, more than half of each dollar spent at the local store goes towards the community. This a huge difference than the roughly one-third of the dollar that is spent at a chain store.  This alone will help boost your local economy significantly.  Also, local stores create jobs for people. (Pictured: right, clothes from Charming Oaks courtesy of Google Images).

Better Customer Service

If you’ve ever dealt with a large corporation you’re probably familiar with how frustrating it can be to receive help. You call their 1-800 number only to be put on hold for minutes at a time. Even when you finally get to speak to someone, they are so far removed from the situation they are usually not much help.

When you shop local and come across the issue, most of the time you get to speak to the owner or manager of the store right away. There are no hold lines or waiting. Most of the time the owner is directly connected to every employee in the store. This makes for a much more personal experience.

Local businesses know what you want

When you walk into a local business, there’s a good chance they employees and maybe even the owner will know you by name. Local business owners are more aware of what people are buying in the community.  They can recommend items for you on a more personal level because they truly know what you are looking for.

Keeps your community unique

When you have local shops that can only be found in your community, your town becomes more of a destination for people. Customers will have to drive to your town to get the clothing or gift items from that local store. This helps boost tourism which in turn helps the community overall. (Pictured: right, a local store in Auburn courtestyof google images).

Shopping local has many benefits. Auburn has some of the best local boutique and shops. Be sure to check them out next time you go shopping rather than going to the big-name store!


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